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Why it’s important to eat Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits

Yellow, red, purple, orange, white, green … Associate a color with what and understand what our body needs. Fruit and vegetables are in fact an important source of nutrition: Learning to bring them to the table depending on the color it becomes even fun! There are bioactive substances in fruit and vegetables, compounds of plant origin called phytochemicals.

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Some of them are particularly interesting because, in addition to possessing certain nutritional qualities, they give particular colors to foods. Green as a force The compounds responsible for the green color in plants are glucosinolates. These are amino acid derivatives containing sulfur. These compounds are known for their anticancer effect and perform a protective action against free radicals.

Dark green is also the color of iron: spinach, chard, herbs contain in good quantities. They also have folic acid and vitamin C, which helps absorb it. Among these vegetables there are also broccoli, Roman cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, agretti, asparagus, basil, beets, artichokes, cucumbers, chicory, turnip top, endive , lettuce, parsley, rocket and zucchini. And among the fruit, the greenest is the kiwi. 

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The growth is orange and yellow!  The phytochemicals responsible for the orange coloring of these types of fruits and vegetables are A and B carotene. These substances are very important for hormonal synthesis, in the processes of differentiation and cell growth and in the immune response. They help prevent  bad cholesterol and  diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s..