Casa Roberta

Events Catering

Cocktail Hour

Zucchini flan
Prawn tails salad
Sweet and sour stewed aubergines
Tuna tartare with cherry tomatoes
Mixed fried vegetables
Mini rice fried balls
Mini mixed bruschette
Mini balls mozzarelle & Parma Ham
Mixed fruits & edible flowers
Cured Meats & Cheese Boards
Mixed Homemade Breads


pasta catering fresh london italian

Pasta Dishes

Homemade Pasta Parcels with Meat, Fish or Vegetable Fillings
Fresh Lasagne Cupcakes with Meat, Fish or Vegetable Fillings 
Paccheri Pasta with Mixed Seafood and Cherry Tomatoes
Fresh Spinach Parcels with Ricotta Cheese & Mushrooms

please note all fresh pasta is made by us. We work on bespoke requests

Main Courses

Roast Veal & Duchesse Potatoes
Roast Lamb & Mixed Vegetables
Beef Tagliata, Parmesan Sheds & Wild Rocket
Wild Seabass Fillet & Tomatoes
Fresh Water Trouts & Oranges
Fresh Tuna Steaks in Pepper Crust

Prices start from £35 pp. including 5 cocktail hour items, one pasta dish and one main course dish. Presence of staff is quoted on top.