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Why it’s important to eat Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits

Yellow, red, purple, orange, white, green … Associate a color with what and understand what our body needs. Fruit and vegetables are in fact an important source of nutrition: Learning to bring them to the table depending on the color it becomes even fun! There are bioactive substances in fruit and vegetables, compounds of plant …

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FIGS-The holy fruit

Fig trees appear in all old mythology stories of the world. From Adam and Eve to Romulus and Remus: it is said that fig tree’s roots saved the twin babies from drowning in the River Tiber. The reason? Figs are some of the healthiest fruits but moderate use is advised, due to their high calories …

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A Special Pasta

It was Priscilla’s mother 70th Birthday. The occasion was simply special and so the menu had to convey that. The mum is a pasta lover, as well as a keen gardener. I decided to design (and serve!) a flower shaped pasta, which not only reflected her mum’s likes, but also the colour that Spring enrich …

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