Casa Roberta

Casa Roberta

with an Italian Touch


A Lifetime Passion for Food & Events

A family business opened in 2012, Casa Roberta has been serving hundreds of happy customers. Started as a local Italian restaurant, is now a fully operating catering company. Just like following the footsteps of my parents who owned two restaurants south of Rome, since the beginning we focussed on fresh, artisanal ingredients. Our aim is to preserving our beloved Italian classics as well as continuing to create new seasonal recipes.
We're furthermore able to design a bespoke menu according to colours and shapes.

Casa Roberta also offer complete events management and decoration services with her sister company RS Events with An Italian Touch

Casa Roberta

Let the Party Begin

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Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Our menus are thoughtfully crafted to complement the seasonal products. We use ingredients mainly sourced from Italy combined with edible flowers and seasonal fruits. Our services include weddings, corporate events and private parties, bar services and food consulting.

Cocktail Hour

We bring you the best Italian finger food and welcome cocktails customs from Italy. We also love to mix and match traditional recipes with edible flowers and fruits.

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Pasta Dishes

For your event we'll provide you with mouthwatering pasta and risotto dishes. You can choose from meat, fish and vegetarian sauces.

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Cakes for all occasions, from birthday parties to Wedding. They look amazing and taste beautifully, thanks to our great Italian pastry traditions.

Main Courses

Superior meat cuts and fresh fish. Those are the ingredients we work with to bring you the best options. As per Italian traditions, no chicken will be served for important events.

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Sweet Tables

We pride to amaze your with the sweetest solutions for your events. It's not just the macaroons but also the balloons.

Special Offer

Learn How to Cook in one Week

This book is the result of my passion for my native country food: Italy. It has been written with the intent to give everybody the knowledge that eating healthy is very easy. Italian cooking is based on simple ingredients and procedures are equally simple.

The aim though, is also to reveal what Italian cooking is all about, taking away years of inaccurate information. The book will indeed show the fundamental steps of cooking which are paramount in giving dishes the so known Italian taste. At the end you'll also benefit of quick delicious recipes.