Exquisite Italian Cusine


£ 19.99 Il Tagliere – To Share

This is our special appetiser. We have selected unique traditional Italian hams and cheeses, some of them not common in the UK, like Coppa, Speck, chilly Provolone, chilly & black pepper Pecorino. For this selection I have also made special (and delicious!) fruit based chutneys. The Tagliere comes on wooden boards and can be shared by two people 19.99 (Individual portions are also available 9.99)

£ 4.96 Crostini alle Alici

This is a very traditional Roman recipe. My mother used to make it to us all the times and her friends still say her version is the best ever tasted. We cook the anchovies in some butter and we spread it over slices of bread covered with melted mozzarella

£ 4.76 Bruschette Miste

The word ‘bruschette’ comes from ‘bruscare’ which means ‘to toast’. Our slices of toasted bread are covered with mix vegetables, tomatoes and soft cheese with strawberries

£5.25 (NEW!) Formaggio Affumicato

Grilled smoked cheese served with grilled vegetables and mix salad


£ 4.45 Zuppa del giorno

Ask our waiter for the Chef’s soup of the day

£6.95 (NEW!) Lobster Soup

Superb soup perfect for the winter weather. It comes with mix seafood.


£ 2.00 Doppio Espresso

£ 1.80 Cappuccino/Latte/Americano

£ 1.50 Espresso

£ 1.20 Small bottle of water

£ 1.50 Soft drinks


£ 9.25 Fettuccine Roberta

This is our version of a typical Roman dish. We use mushrooms, sausages, cream, chilly flakes, and we sprinkle the fettuccine with Parmesan cheese

£ 10.95 Gnocchi Colorati

It is only lately that filled gnocchi are popular in Italy. So here they are! We have fresh gnocchi filled with walnut and dolcelatte and we mix them with other fresh unfilled gnocchi.

£ 8.56 Melanzane alla Parmigiana V

This recipe comes from Naples, although an earlier version was from North Italy. We bake layers of aubergines with tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese

£ 11.95 (NEW!) Cannelloni Ripieni di Rapa

Also Cannelloni originated from Naples (Sorrento, exactly) at the beginning of the 1900. I roll my homemade fresh lasagne sheets with soft cheese and mushrooms and I season the cannelloni with homemade béchamel sauce and more mushrooms

£ 8.95 Lasagne al ragu’

Some of the comments on Trip Advisor rated our meat lasagne some of the best ever eaten. We hope you will agree!

£ 7.96 Gnocchi Panna e Pancetta

As a little girl, I used to make gnocchi with my family on Sundays and I guess I always liked it. We season them with a simple sauce of cream and pancetta cubes and sprinkles of Parmesan cheese

£ 10.95 (NEW!) Tonnarelli al Nero di Seppia con Pesce

We use fresh prawns, mussels, clams and mix vegetables to season our homemade gnocchi. As Italians, we don’t use Parmesan cheese on fish dishes, but happy to serve it to you if you wish so!

£ 8.95 Fusilli con Salsicce

This is a typical fresh pasta from Genoa. We use Italian sausages and tomato sauce to season it

£12.95 (NEW!) Tortellini freschi con Salmone

Tortellini are a typical fresh pasta from the North of Italy and goes well with any sauce. We thought to have serve the ricotta and spinach filled ones with smoked salmon and cream sauce. It is simply delicious!


£ 10.96 Pollo alla Cacciatora

This is a typical Roman dish that traditionally was served mainly on Sundays. We slow cook pieces of chicken breasts and wings together with mix peppers and tomato sauce. This dish comes with potatoes and salad

£ 11.96 Stufato di Manzo

We use my mother’s recipe to make this dish. We let the beef cook for hours in red wine and gravy and at the end we add anchovies and vinegar. The taste is superb! It comes with potatoes and salad 11.96

£ 13.96 Pesce al cartoccio

Fresh seabass wrapped in foil together with fresh mussel, clams and prawn and baked in the oven. This dish comes with potatoes and salad

£13.96 (NEW!) Cotoletta d’Abbacchio

This is a very traditional Roman dish. Tender lamb cutlets covered with breadcrumbs and fried in olive oil. This dish comes with French fries as per its traditional

£ 15.95 (NEW!) Salmone alla Griglia

Grilled fresh salmon boneless steak (ca 300 gr) served on a bed of spinach cream and grilled vegetables


£4.50 Pastiera Napoletana

£4.50 Ricotta Cheese and Pears Cake

£4.50 Chocolate Profiterol

£4.50 Millefoglie

£4.75 Homemade Tiramisu

Zuppe & Insalate

£ 3.55 Insalata con Pomodori

We chop the tomatoes and we serve them on a bed of mix lettuce and we season it all with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

£ 4.95 Zuppa del Giorno

Please ask the waiter for the chef’s soup of the day. It is served with sliced Italian bread and croutons.