For the Chocolate Cup:

*150 gr of Tempered Chocolate (Candy Melts are the best)

* Chocolate Transfer Sheets

* Lighter

For the Tiramisu

* 400 gr of Mascarpone Cheese

* 200 gr of Caster Sugar

* 100 gr of Double Cream

* 2 Eggs (white)

* 3 cups of long espresso

* 1 box of sponge fingers

* cocoa powder to sprinkle

How to Make Tiramisu

Beat the white of the eggs until very fluffy; whisk the Mascarpone with the sugar and the double cream. Add the whites of the eggs to the mixture. Make the coffee. In a baking tray line the sponge fingers, wet them with the coffee and add the mixture on top. Make three layers. Sprinkle with cooca powder